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I asked if he wanted some more, and he said no, thanks.I savored every last drop of my water lie it was expensive wine, before letting out a big sigh.After a couple of minutes, and feeling sticky from the game, I stood up and started to unbutton my uniform shirt.Jayson asked what I was dong and I explained that I was getting ready to take a shower.I never knew him to be this frank, but the next thing I knew was that Jayson was asking if he could shower with me.To say I was taken aback would be an understatement."Sure," I said jokingly, not realizing that he was dead girls young lollita serious.With one motion, off came his shirt, revealing a beautiful body.Jayson's chest was smooth. muscular young boys A light youngest hard sex patch of black hair was visible in his armpits and a gentle aroma of his maleness, hit me square in he face.I sat down beside him.He looked over at me and asked why I was staring at him.I said I ever realized he was serious about showering with me. 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I moved, almost like being on air.As I sat down, Jayson stood in young red pussy front of me and I dropped my head to avoid staring at his naked body.He reached out and gently tilted my head upwards."I've very young anal always wanted to be in your arms," he said.I did not know what to fresh and young say, or do."This is unbelievable," I managed young sex rapidshare to say, videos young russians as I covered my face with my hands.Jayson sat down beside me young lolta girls and put his arms around me. His flesh against mine felt so wonderful. I was dizzy from all the feelings coursing through my body. Then it happened.Jayson reached over and slowly our lips came together. He's a great kisser.Our tongues entangled as he manipulated the towel from around my waist, and there, for the first time in my life, I was completely naked, in bed young nude little with a hunk of a guy most people would give and arm and a young and nudist leg for.Jayson took control, manipulating himself on top of me, youngest 18 porn while at the same time, continuing to kiss me like kissing was going out of style.I could now feel his erect cock rub against mine, which was so hard it naked young male was almost hurting.Breaking our torrid embrace for just a while, Jayson muttered how much he had fantasized about this.Before I could respond, his young sexy photos lips were back on mine. Then moving down my neck, to my chest, abdomen and then lower.He took my cock in his hand and looking up at me from between my legs calmly said how beautiful my pix young body was.Then he did something I never dreamed anyone would do to me. Jayson kissed my young boysex cock and the contact with his moist, warm mouth almost made me cum right there and then.I was flying young little breasts high and Girls young his tongue was driving the engine that was causing gallons of blood per seconds to race through my erection.The surprise was far from being complete though.Jayson took my balls in his mouth, taking his time kissing young dream pussy each one, and then taking firm young tits both in his mouth, which was dripping with saliva.He must have liked what he tasted because of the noise his mouth was making and the almost muffled groans of very young russians pleasure that was emanating from him.He kissed his way back up to my chest and then my lips and for the first time, I got a taste of my own cock, and it was heavenly.We were kissing for what must have been an eternity, when he stopped."Now I want to fuck you," he said.I tried youngest teenies pics to resist, but it was too late. He positioned himself between my legs and lifted one of asian old young my legs unto his shoulder."I want to see your face as I enter you," he said.Jayson reached over to the nightstand for young european tgp a condom. He unrolled the rubber and with almost the swiftness of a professional, slipped the rubber on his erect 6.5 inches cock.His cock was average, but coated in that slick rubber, it towered between his legs like a delicious candy on a string.He continued his preparation for entry by using hot young cp some KY to lubricate my butt hole. 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Trust me."His voice was so reassuring; I would have let him do Miss young pageant anything to me at that point.His reassurance must have done the trick, because I became so relaxed that his cock was able to slip inside me without any trouble at all.I felt a momentary sharp pain but before I could gasp, his cock hit that the magic spot within me and it sent a warm, wonderful feeling through every inch of my body."Oh Jayson," is all I could say."Oh Derrick," he responded, "You have a nice tight ass and it feels so good on my cock. Oh, baby, I love you.""What?" I questioned."I said tgp young 16 I love you. I love you Derrick, I think I've loved you ever since the first time I saw you," Jayson said.This is incredible.Here I am with a handsome boy, a young girl his six inches, young tender tits condom-coated cock buried deep inside me, telling me he loved me.It must have been the combination sex and happiness, for tears were beginning to roll down my cheeks."I'm sorry, I'm not hurting you, very young galleries am I?" Jayson said as he stopped screwing me for a moment, his cock still deep inside me."No Jayson," I said, "its just that I dirty young never thought anyone would feel that way about me."Jayson reached down and kissed me again and started to pump his cock in and out of young sex me again. It felt so wonderful. 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I knew he was depositing his stud juice deep inside my rectum.Still shaking, Jayson leaned down and kissed me as his cock continued to spew hot cum.He was panting like he had young boys kissing just completed a hundred yards dash."I love you Derrick," he gasped, "I really love you."We had both nn top young showered about an hour before, but our bodies were now drenched in sweat and cum. 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And like I said before, I love you."Jayson hugged me and as I stood there in his arms, a thousand memories of our incredible lovemaking session flashed through my mind."I don't know what to say," I said."You don't need to say anything," Jayson said. "Just enjoy the moment."I used the towel that lay crumpled on the floor in front of the best to clean up the mess.Jayson led me to the bed again young preeten and as we sat down, he kissed me one more time before lying down."Derrick, you're a wonderful person, and I wouldn't mind being here with you more often," he said.I did not respond."You don't have to say anything, Derrick. Maybe we should sleep on it," he said.Sleep on it? That's easy for him to say.I lay down young virgin rusian young nudist mpegs beside him and he put his arms around me. As we drifted off to sleep, I knew that this young virgin pictures night was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 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